Peace Jirga’s Admin Board Completed Despite Rifts

The administrative board of the Grand Consultative Jirga on Peace was completed after all its members – five deputies and five secretaries – were elected by the delegates at the end of the second day of the gathering, sources confirmed.

Almost 3,200 delegates from around the country have gathered in the Jirga to decide on the future of the peace process in Afghanistan. The election of the Jirga’s administrative board was supposed to be completed on the first day, but it was reportedly delayed due to rifts on some members of the board.

Four women are included in the 10-member administrative board which is headed by former Jihadi leader Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf.

The deputy head of the High Peace Council Habiba Sarabi, Najia Munira Akhundzada, Arif Noori, Mohammad Afzal Hadid and Kamal Safi were elected as deputies of the peace Jirga.

Meanwhile, Rafiullah Haidari, Atifa Tayib, Erfanullah Erfan, Gulalai Akbari and Musa Rahimi were elected as secretaries of the Peace Jirga.

The deputy head of the Peace Jirga’s organizing committee, Zia-ul-Haq Amarkhail, said the delegates elected the heads and deputy heads of the 51 committees.

He said the committees will hold discussions on main topics, including how to end the war, how to ensure stability in the country, how to convince the Taliban to attend talks with the Afghan government and how to retain the achievements of Afghanistan.

Some delegates, however, said heads of a number of committees were not elected based on elections and that they were appointed through an “engineered” process.

“The heads of the committees are those who have ties with the government and their appointment was decided in advance,” said Nazir Kabiri, a delegate.

“In our committee, voting did not happen. They brought a person and appointed him as head of the committee without any voting. I was a candidate and some members were supporting me, but they brought another one and he becomes the chief,” Sediq Lalzada, a delegate said.

The Peace Jirga will conclude on Thursday.

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